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With the power of Amazon Alexa, there is a faster and easier way to communicate and accomplish tasks than mobile apps and desktop.

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What Alexa Skills Mean for Businesses

Regardless of industry or worker/customer demographics, organizations should be immediately incentivized to start experimenting with voice because people are going to expect it in the near future. As with every other major technology paradigm shift, those who wait and watch will be behind the times while those who jump in will become innovators, seize market share, and define what the future of voice looks like.

Because Alexa Skills are so new to the market, companies have a world of infinite possibilities in front of them. Not much has been done yet, so there's a lot of room to become the first to provide a unique interaction for a specific type of business. Skills can be used as a way to obtain information about a company or product (e.g. "Alexa, what's the Forbes quote of the day?"), augment existing mobile apps and web applications with voice-enabled digital services (e.g. "Alexa, when will my Neiman Marcus order be delivered?"), or enhance customer experiences ("e.g. Alexa, order me a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks").

Amazon Alexa

Skills can meet any type of intent you can dream up.

The following are examples of a recent Voice project for the Columbus Museum of Art:

"Alexa, ask the Columbus Museum of Art what exhibitions are on view today"

"Alexa, ask Columbus Museum of Art what there is to do today"

"Alexa, ask Columbus Museum of Art what is the cost of admission"

"Alexa, ask Columbus Museum of Art what hours is the museum open today"